Presentation at Kafka Summit London April 2018

I presented ‘Testing the Beast’ at the Kafka Summit in London on 24th April 2018 The conference was an excellent venue to meet some of the many people who are passionate and experienced in working with Kafka at scale. I learned a great deal from various speakers & hope to incorporate and apply some of what I learned to any future work I do with Kafka.

The conference will post the slides and a recording of my session (together with all the other sessions), probably before the end of May 2018.

Here are my slides in PowerPoint format Testing The Beast (Kafka) 23 Apr 2018

BTW: when I used PowerPoint to create a PDF it ballooned into a file of over 300MB so I’ve left that for the conference organisers to sort and make available.


My presentations at the Agile India 2017 Conference

I had an excellent week at the Agile India 2017 conference ably hosted by Naresh Jain. During the week I led a 1-day workshop on software engineering for mobile apps. This included various discussions and a code walkthrough so I’m not going to publish the slides I used out of context. Thankfully much of the content also applied to my 2 talks at the conference, where I’m happy to share the slides. The talks were also videoed, and these should be available at some point (I’ll try to remember to update this post with the relevant links when they are).

Here are the links to my presentations

Improving Mobile Apps using an Analytics Feedback Approach (09 Mar 2017)a

Julian Harty Does Software Testing need to be this way (10 Mar 2017)

Software Talks, are you listening?

I gave the closing keynote at the Special Interest Group in Software Testing’s Autumn conference. Here is a PDF of the slides Software Talks, are you listening? I hope you learn some useful ideas from these materials. I’ll be presenting an updated version of this topic at the EuroSTAR 2015 Mobile Deep Dive event on 6th November 2015 based on my ongoing work and research.

Update: my presentation received the highest score for the day.

Software Talks, Are You Listening EuroSTAR 2014 Keynote

Here are the slides from my keynote at the recent EuroSTAR Conference Software Talks Are You Listening EuroSTAR_DUBLIN_2014 (05 Dec 2014) I have released these under a Creative Commons License.

The aim of the keynote is to explain how adding Analytics to record information about the application, while it is running, can help us to improve the software, and the development and the testing practices.

Mobile Testers Guide to the Galaxy slides presented at the Dutch Testing Day

I gave the opening keynote at the Dutch Testing Day conference in Groningen, NL. Here are the slides Don’t Panic Mobile Testers Guide to the Galaxy (21 Nov 2013) compressed As you may infer from the filename I compressed the contents to reduce the size of the download for you.

These slides are an updated set from the material I presented at SQuAD in September 2013.

Slides from my talk at SFSCon 2013

I gave a brief presentation, in English, at

The topics include:

  • An introduction to software test automation and the Selenium project
  • Examples of how e-Government services differ in various web browsers and where the differences adversely affect some services for the users
  • A summary of pre-conference workshops for the project
  • Some suggestions to improve the testing and even the design of e-Government web services
  • Encouragement to get involved in the project.

Here are the slides Testing Web Applications (rev 15 Nov 2013) small

Slides from my keynote on testing mobile apps at SQuAD conference

Thanks to my hosts at SQuAD conference for inviting me. I’ve revamped much of my material on the topic of testing mobile apps. As ever I have lots more I could do to improve the materials. Time and practice will help me do so. As would useful feedback. Here’s the set of slides in PDF format

Don’t Panic Mobile Testers Guide to the Galaxy (16 Sep 2013)c

The c at the end reminds me it’s the compressed version so I could get the file size down to 6MB.

Julian Harty