Why I’ve created another blog on software testing

Hello, and welcome.

This blog is part of an initiative to help me, others, and people involved in software testing to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our work in this domain. I’ve seen too many cases of poor quality, ineffective and time-consuming work called software testing which is dispiriting, ineffective, and which dilutes the good work done by people who are doing a better job of software testing.

I consider the topic broad, and it includes test automation, interactive testing, testing by ‘testers’, testing by people who simply want to test something in order to get something else (more important) done, etc. The main aim of this site is to share and collaborate on ideas, experiences and practices related to software testing.

I’m Julian Harty, currently Tester At Large at eBay. I’ll post a bio so you can see some of my history. My work here contains my personal views and opinions, it does not represent the views of any of my employers, although they are welcome to comment on the material if they wish.

This blog supersedes several earlier attempts to write material on blogger. I didn’t like the formatting of the content and I like the various blogs that use WordPress, so here I am to see if WordPress suits me better.