Slides for presentation at QA&TEST 2011

Here is the link to my slides which I presented at QA&Test 2011. As ever, these slides are the latest version of the work on UX Test Automation.

UX Test Automation for QAandTEST 2011 (27 Oct 2011)

The main content is identical to the presentation planned for EuroSTAR 2011 21st to 24th November 2011. I may revise the main content again by the time of EuroSTAR, if so, I’ll post the updated material online.

Update: I received the best presentation award at the conference for this presentation 🙂




2 thoughts on “Slides for presentation at QA&TEST 2011

  1. Well spotted, they disappeared when my hosting company made some changes. I decided to wait until someone reported a problem before I posted them again – demand-driven development 🙂 I’ll post them again shortly (the process is fiddly to put them where the location matches the original links).

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