fledgling heuristics for testing android apps

I’ve been inspired to have a go at creating some guidelines for testing of Android apps. The initial request was to help shape interviews to be able to identify people who’re understand some of the challenges and approaches for testing on Android and for Android apps. I hope these will serve actual testing of the apps too.

  • Android Releases and API Versions
  • OnRotation and other Configuration Changes
  • Fundamental Android concepts including: Activities, Services, Intents, Broadcast Receivers, and Content Providers  https://developer.android.com/guide/components/fundamentals
  • Accessibility settings
  • Applying App Store data and statistics
  • Crashes and ANR‘s
  • Using in-app Analytics to compare our testing and how the app is used by the Users
  • Logs and Screenshots
  • SDK tools, including Logcat, adb, and monitor
  • Devices, including sensors, resources, and CPUs
  • Device Farms, sources of devices available to rent remote devices (often in the ‘cloud’)
  • Permissions granted & denied
  • Alpha & Beta channels
  • Build Targets (Debug, Release & others)
  • Test Automation Frameworks and Monkey Testing

I’ll continue exploring ideas and topics to include. Perhaps a memorable heuristic phrase will emerge, suggestions welcome on twitter https://twitter.com/julianharty