Six months review: learning how to test new technologies

I’ve not published for over a year, although I have several draft blog posts written and waiting for completion. One of the main reasons I didn’t publish was the direction my commercial work has been going recently, into domains and fields I’d not worked in for perhaps a decade or more. One of those assignments was for six months and I’d like to review various aspects of how I approached the testing, and some of my pertinent experiences and discoveries.

The core technology uses Apache Kafka which needed to be tested as a candidate for replicated data sharing between organisations. There were various criteria which took the deployment off the beaten track of many other uses of Apache Kafka’s popular deployment models, that is, the use was atypical and therefore it was important to understand how Kafka behaves for the intended use.

Kafka was new to me, and my experiences of some of the other technologies were sketchy, dated or both. I undertook the work at the request of the sponsor who knew of my work and research.

There was a massive amount to learn; and as we discovered lots to do in order to establish a useful testing process, including establishing environments to test the system. I aim to cover these in a series of blog articles here.

  • How I learned stuff
  • Challenges in monitoring Kafka and underlying systems
  • Tools for testing Kafka, particularly load testing
  • Establishing and refining a testing process
  • Getting to grips with AWS and several related services
  • Reporting and Analysis (yes in that order)
  • The many unfinished threads I’ve started